Home Office: 6 Tips for an Enjoyable, Functional, Productive Workspace.

Work-at-home mother of two explains how to claim your home office space.

Are you setting up a home office? Do you work from home, or are you planning to soon? The bold choice could be the best decision you’ve ever made, considering the benefits of working from home. From the flexible schedules to the peace of mind, you also save more money since you won’t have to incur eat-out lunch expenses or commuting costs. Most importantly, you get to spend time with your loved ones as often as possible.

However, like any other work environment, a home-based workspace has disadvantages (including distractions from family members or friends, internet security threats, and lack of accountability). It’s up to you to prioritize carving out your own space. 

6 Tips for an Enjoyable and Productive Home Office

Below are six ways to help keep you on task and make your home office productive

1 – Invest in an ergonomic chair and desk

Starting with that chair or dining table in your kitchen is tempting, especially when you want to trim expenses. However, you need to consider other crucial factors like your health. Since sitting is just one of the inevitable unhealthy lifestyles you’ll constantly be practicing (not to mention being just a few steps from the cookie jar), you should invest in ergonomic furniture to save yourself from the health risks of long sitting hours.

Not everyone has the luxury of an empty bedroom to repurpose. But whether your office is a corner of the basement or a nook in the living room, your spine will thank you later. Nip back and neck pain in the bud by treating your spine right. Not to mention, a well-planned workspace and ergonomic furniture will keep you focused.

2 – Have a storage space to keep supplies out of the way

Nothing induces stress and affects overall office productivity like a disorganized office. Imagine taking several minutes to locate some essential paperwork you know is in a stack on your desk! It’s stressful, right?

Having adequate storage cabinets will ensure the easy storage of all your office supplies while giving you peace of mind. Are you limited on space? Then consider investing in ergonomic desks that come fitted with drawers that are sized to hold file folders.

Side note: Your home office should house only your work-related stuff and not anything else. Yes, it’s tempting to bring in other non-work related stuff like kids’ books or homework assignments but resist starting that habit.  Granting your family permission to store things in your office leads to clutter build-up. In turn, you are left floating in a sea of unproductive clutter. Hearing cha-ching when you think of shopping for storage pieces for your home office? Look for dual-purpose items that serve as workspace and storage pieces at estate sales for enormous savings.

3 – Get your filing drawers in place

Businesses are moving a paperless direction; many entrepreneurs have embraced online tools to boost their daily productivity. However, you will need to retain crucial documents like company financials, tax returns, and bank records as physical proof. Filing drawers will help decongest your office and make it easy to retrieve vital financial information. As an entrepreneur, you are solely responsible for your document storage. Therefore, you must implement a proper filing system to stay abreast of your finances and expenses.

4 – Create an inspiration board

You’ve heard the adage that failure to plan is planning to fail. Many people who work from home sometimes find it almost impossible to accomplish their set goals simply because they don’t plan their day. Coming up with a to-do list and a chart to track your progress will help you stay focused on your goals while ensuring their timely completion. 

The result of excellent planning? A thriving business.

Don’t forget to reward yourself for a job well done. Acknowledging your efforts helps you stay focused while giving you the drive to accomplish even more. A well-deserved vacation is just one of those many treats you can award yourself. Seeing that goal every day will continue to inspire you.

5 – Get creative with some artwork

It’s your space, so give it the personal touch to spark your motivation and keep you alert and productive all day. If a contemporary décor is what you deem fit for your home office, you want to ensure it’s clean and free of distracting elements. You can also show off your creativity by hanging your most cherished family photos on the wall right before you.

This view offers you a renewed sense of motivation every time you look at the photos–knowing that you’re working hard as a freelancer to give your loved ones everything they need is rewarding.

6 – Seating area for guests

Depending on your business type, you may have to set aside a guest area to host occasional clients or business partners.

You might think you would never have a visitor. But the day might come when your CPA stops by with essential documents or a client who may pop over to sign a contract. Indeed, the “visitor” might even be your partner dropping in with a cup of coffee when you’re burning the midnight oil.


Summing It Up: Create a Home Office Space Where You Can Thrive

Nobody’s responsible for the ultimate success of your business but you! Want to be a successful home-based entrepreneur? Equip the physical space of your home office with all the tools you need to succeed. You’ll spend many hours here working like a boss. So you might as well settle in and make yourself comfortable and productive.

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