Need Business Blogging or SEO Writing Services?

How does hiring an SEO writing specialist or a blog writer help your business succeed?

In short… Google. Loves. Blogs.

Google and other search engines don’t merely look at informational web pages; they look at your website as a whole.

But, how can you continually add great pages to your site? Blog posts!

Blogging is considered, by many SEO experts, to be the key to success with Google SEO.

Search engines continuously crawl the pages of your site to figure out how to index them. New pages equal new crawling and new indexing! By adding regular blog posts to your website, you can continually drive new traffic to your pages and do so in the background of the site.

You might have spent a lot of time crafting great copy for main pages, but if you don’t continually update your site, search engines will eventually stop referring organic traffic your way. Conversely, blogging enables you to keep those main pages optimized as they are but lets you drive new traffic to them from another area of your blog. WordPress is a popular blogging platform, inexpensive, easy to use and maintain, and built for search engine optimization.

SEO writing
SEO writing takes all factors into account during the editorial process.

Benefits of Business Blogging Include:

Blogging helps you continually target key phrases that could help you get qualified buyers to your site. If you regularly watch your niche’s keywords, you can use this to your advantage.

It can also help you drive other traffic that could be slotted into your sales funnel to become a customer eventually. Ensure you have a good sales funnel strategy in place as blogging can help immensely.

You can use new blog posts to drive new traffic to old pages, landing pages, and specific promotional material, too.

Blogging also helps you continually foster relationships with existing customers, as well. It can provide your social media followers with updates, drive new and existing customers to your pages, and help you build a reputation as an authority in your niche.

Blogging is a critical element of a successful inbound marketing strategy.

Not sure what to blog about? A content writer will have keyword-driven data to craft your blog posts.

What Should You Blog About?

Business blogs can contain helpful articles that benefit buyers. Blogs can offer product information, product announcements, buying guides, can discuss news and trends in your industry, and more.

Take a look at a few keywords related to your niche and chances are that you’ll find blog posts that your competition is using to drive traffic to their sales copy.

Not sure how to do that? Leave your custom SEO writing to the Word Innovations team.

Tips for SEO Writing and Blogging

Quality comes first in business blogging. Thin content doesn’t help your SEO strategy, and it won’t help you convert readers into customers.

You want the blog post to provide helpful and useful information to your readers so that they will be interested in learning more about your company and buying from you.

In addition to integrating strategic keywords into natural-sounding places and writing a great post, it’s wise to include links to other areas of your site as well as to have an opt-in, either to a newsletter, a blog subscription, or a social media follow. This way you leave a door open for a further relationship with them.

SEO writers know how to write blogs as a vital strategy to drive traffic to your site. Guest blogging is another area to consider as well, where you publish posts on other blogs to drive traffic back to your site–and another way an SEO writer can assist you.

Need an Experienced SEO Writer or Blogger?

In addition to our Articles on Demand service, Word Innovations is an experienced writing team that can help you drive traffic, organic results, and conversions. Talk to us about business blogging or other SEO writing today.Get an SEO Writing Quote.

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