National Freelance Writers’ Appreciation Week

National Freelance Writers’ Appreciation Week lands the second week of February every year. We are celebrating our industry’s week from February 10th through 17th.

I bet you didn’t know that there was even such a beast as this appreciation week. And, why not? We celebrate the contributions of teachers, letter carriers, and even lawyers.

While this is a lesser known appreciation week, we freelance writers are honored to have a week of our own.

For most of us, we are making a living but not getting wealthy from our careers. Why do we do it? The answer is simple…we love what we do.

Sure, we could get a 9 to 5 job with a salary and benefits. Been there, done that. I, for one, prefer the flexibility of working from home, building relationships with my clients, and having the ability to pick and choose the jobs that interest me the most.

It’s not all working in pj’s and wine at 3 pm, though. Ok…sometimes it is that.

Most of the time, it’s hard work. We meet deadlines, book gigs, and drive our earnings through writing skill and the ability to go out and seize the day, every day.

So, here are some ways you can celebrate with those of us who have chosen to work as freelance writers.

5 Ways to Celebrate Freelance Writers’ Appreciation Week

1 – Send her some work!

The most obvious way to show your appreciation for your favorite freelancer is to send her some work.

Our work–it’s not glamourous.

We spend many hours a week marketing and booking work. So, make the day of a freelance writer easier by hiring her to complete a blog post or two for your company.

2 – Refer a new client to your favorite freelancer

Because writers are seeking new connections constantly, refer some clients! A referral happens to be one of the most appreciated gestures you can make to a hard-working freelancer. Don’t think the referral will go unnoticed, these are our “leads” for new business and help us grow.

3 – Like and share his social media content

Does the freelance writer who works for you have a social media presence? Because we work with clients from all over the world, most of us do have social media accounts.

Shameless plug--here’s the link to the Word Innovations Facebook page.

If you can visit their social platform and take a moment to like and share content that you genuinely like, it could help them attract new clientele.

4 – Share a blog post from the freelancers’ website

Nearly all of us freelancers have websites with blog posts. Our blogs offer us the opportunity to write not in the client’s style but in our own authentic voices.

We also do this because much of the work we do is “ghostwriting” under another person’s name or the more lucrative task of copywriting for clients’ websites. Because we are bound to confidentiality, the blog serves as our portfolios.

Plus, we usually share some pretty awesome writing tips to show off our knowledge of best writing practices. In fact, you might even find some useful advice!

If you can find the time, visit your freelancer’s blog, identify a post you love, and share it with your followers.

5 – Write a testimony or review of the writer’s work

Do you love the work your freelancer does for you? Write an online review or email them a testimonial that they can use on their website. Believe me when I tell you just a couple of sentences and those tiny 5 stars make a world of difference to us!

National Freelance Writer’s Appreciation Week: Celebrate it!

This week, take time to celebrate your favorite freelance writer’s contributions to your business. Whether she stocks your blog with fresh content or writes witty, catchy captions for your Instagram page, she is an essential contributor to your team. And that kind of loyalty, my friends and colleagues, is something special that you can appreciate.

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