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Selecting an Articles on Demand document gives you flexibility. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • No waiting for a freelance writer to complete your project.
  • Zero wasted employee time–they can focus on other tasks than blog post creation.
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  • Solidify your company (and yourself!) as an industry leader by sharing your knowledge.
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Choosing Articles on Demand by Word Innovations is a smart decision.

What Word Innovations includes with your purchase

You receive the only download available of the PDF you select.

Each header image indicates the document’s word count, keyword, and long-tail keywords.

We help you target organic growth by thoroughly researching keywords. We use the keyword contextually in the document. Additionally, we include two to three long-tail (secondary) keywords.

Before we convert the document to PDF and set it up for sale, we check it over for grammar and punctuation two to three times. This virtually eliminates typos and errors.

Finally, we round out the process by using technology that scans the billions of websites on the Internet for duplicate content. Should our tool locate duplicate references, we correct them. The only exceptions to this are quotes from expert sources. Naturally, we credit these sources to maintain the integrity of the content.

Here’s a brief overview of the quality measures we take.

Because we are proud of our work, we at Word Innovations take quality measures seriously.