Blog Post Formatting Tips: 15 Style Choices to Attract and Delight Readers

Your blog post has one chance to make a solid first impression.

Are you tired of your blog posts falling flat? It might be your blog post format, not your copy. (Shhhhew, what a relief!) Don’t worry. I’m here to help you format your way to success! As a successful copywriter, I know the importance of creating content that attracts and engages your followers. So, buckle up and prepare for some blog post formatting tips that will make your content pop! Now that I have your attention, let’s dive into those tips!

Blog Post Formatting Tips That Keep Site Followers Most Engaged

Blog post formatting is vital to creating content that attracts and engages followers. Here are some of the industry’s top tips for formatting your blog posts:

1 – Use short paragraphs: 

No one wants to read an enormous wall of text. Break up your content into paragraphs. That means more than three to four sentences. The brevity will make it easier for readers to scan and digest your content.

2 – Add subheadings: 

Subheadings break up your content even further and make it easier to navigate. They also help to make your content more scannable and increase the chances of readers sticking around.

3 – Use bullet points and numbered lists: 

Lists are a great way to organize your content, giving it swag and visual appeal. They also help to break up your content and make it easier to read.

4 – Incorporate visuals: 

Visuals, such as images, videos, and infographics, can make your content more engaging and shareable. They can also help to break up your text and make it more visually appealing.

5 – Use white space: 

White space, or the space between text and other elements, makes your content more readable and less overwhelming. It also helps to highlight essential elements of your content.

6 – Use bold and italicized text: 

Bold and italicized text can highlight critical words or phrases in your content. They can also help to break up your text and make it more visually appealing.

7 – Include quotes: 

Quotes from industry experts or your content can help break up your text and provide social proof. They can also add credibility to your content and help to support your arguments.

8 – Include call-to-actions: 

Call-to-actions (CTAs) are phrases or buttons that encourage readers to take a specific action, such as “Learn more” or “Sign up now.” Including CTAs in your blog posts can help to increase engagement and conversions.

9 – Write catchy headlines: 

Your headline is the first impression readers will have. Therefore, it’s crucial to make it catchy and attention-grabbing. Use powerful words, numbers, and emotions to make your headlines more compelling.

10 – Optimize for SEO: 

Search engine optimization (SEO) ensures that search engines make your blog posts visible and discoverable. Use keywords in your headlines, subheadings, and throughout your content to help the search engines understand what your content is about. Remember, you will always write to offer solutions for humans but must also appease the search engines. All these SEO rules also make your content more appealing to site visitors.

11 – Use short sentences: 

Short sentences can help to make your content more readable and accessible to a broader audience. They also help to break up your text and make it more scannable.

12. Add internal links: 

Internal links to other content on your website can keep readers engaged and on your site for longer. They also help to improve the structure and navigation of your site. Use them sparingly and in a non-annoying or spammy way.

13 – Use numbered or step-by-step guides: 

Numbered or step-by-step guides can make your content more actionable and engaging. They also help to break up your text and make it more scannable.

14 – Write in a conversational tone: 

Writing in a conversational tone can make your content more relatable and engaging. It also helps to build trust with your audience and establish a connection.

Oops, you caught me! I may have snuck in a fundamental writing tip instead of a formatting tip. But let’s face it, writing in a conversational tone is like the salt and pepper of your blog post–it makes everything taste better. So go ahead and sprinkle it liberally throughout your content, and watch your readers gobble it up!

15 – Include a conclusion or summary: 

Including a conclusion or summary at the end of your blog post will tie everything together and provide a clear takeaway for your readers. It also helps to make your content more structured and cohesive.

Four Styles of Blog Posts That Convert Well When Combined With These Blog Formatting Tips

Now that we’ve covered some top formatting tips, let’s talk about blog post styles that convert. Here are four stylistic considerations:

  1. How-to guides are a great way to provide value to your readers and establish yourself as an expert in your niche. They are also highly shareable and can help to attract new followers.
  2. List posts, such as “10 Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills,” are easily read and highly shareable. They are also a great way to organize your content and make it more scannable.
  3. Case studies provide real-world data and examples of how your products or services have helped others. They can help to establish trust with your audience and provide social proof.
  4. Interviews with experts in your niche can provide valuable insights and perspectives to your audience. They can also help to establish relationships with other thought leaders in your industry.

Notice how I snuck these into a bulleted list to show how easily you could read them? Bulleting works best with shorter lists!

Summing It Up: Blog Post Formatting Must Be Attractive to Engage and Delight Content Consumers

Using these formatting tips and formats, you can create blog posts that are visually appealing and engaging, and effective in converting readers into followers. So, the next time you write a blog post, remember to remember these tips and formats. 

Don’t hesitate to connect with me if you want your content to shine like a diamond in the rough. As a copywriter who is also oddly passionate about formatting, I’m here to help you take your content to the next level. Contact me today to hear more about how I can help you create content, copy, and blog posts that your followers will love.

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