Why should you choose Articles on Demand?

Articles on Demand is an innovative approach that allows you to choose a topic/keyword and roll out the content. No waiting for busy employees to write content. And no waiting for a freelancer to complete custom work. This concept gives you complete control on when you get your content and what content you receive.

We know that you are busy and often need content in a rush. Downloading an article from Word Innovations enables you to select an article, pay, and download. We supply 100% unique copy for you to use as you wish–you own the rights to the copy.

Also, keep in mind that we scan each article to ensure that we are sending you unique content. Rest assured, we allow only one purchase of each article. This means each PDF can only be downloaded once!

How’s the quality of Articles on Demand content?

We offer high-quality articles that are 100% original! Our articles are written in fluent American English. Our company owner is American and is an experienced writer and editor who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English. In fact, our writing process delivers a well-executed piece of content that you can further customize in minutes.

We provide you with a PDF document. Once you receive this PDF, all you need to do to customize the content is to add your images and any backlinks you wish to use. If you are using the content as a marketing piece, you’ll need to write a one-sentence author bio with a CTA.

A few great reasons to choose our service:

This graphic explains some key reasons why it makes sense for you to choose Articles on Demand by Word Innovations for your content needs.

articles on demand
Want to update your blog? Try Articles on Demand. You’ll love the ease of using this service.

Why you need professionally-written content

As the old saying goes, time is money. No longer are you forced to wait for a writer to deliver on deadline or pay your employees to write blog posts instead of carrying out more important tasks.

You also won’t need to struggle with deciding what to write, researching the content, and publishing–only to detect typos and errors after publication.

The Word Innovations team handles keyword analysis, research, content creation, proofing the work, and a plagiarism check.

You will receive perfectly polished content.