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articles on demand

At Word Innovations, we know that you often need content in a rush. Articles on Demand addresses this urgent need.

Our Articles on Demand (AOD) service allows you to select an article, pay, and immediately download it. We supply the copy. You add your own backlinks, photos, and graphics. Add your own author biography–you own the rights to the copy and may use it however you wish. This is a quick way to create content in a hurry!


This innovative approach allows you to choose a topic/keyword and roll it out. No waiting for busy employees to write content. And no waiting for a freelancer to complete custom work. This concept gives you complete control on when you get your content and what content you receive.

How’s the quality?

That’s a great question! We offer high-quality articles that are 100% original and only allow one purchase of each post! Our articles are written in fluent American English. Our company owner is American and is an experienced writer and editor with a Bachelor’s Degree in English. In fact, our writing process delivers a well-executed piece of content that you can further customize in minutes.

We provide opportunities for you to create internal links or to insert external links to high DA websites, perform the keyword research, write, spell-check, and grammar-check before we post the article for sale. This gives you high-quality articles from which to choose.

We use Payhip to host our content and to process payments.  You can be confident in your purchase and the secure checkout on their platform.

Why Do I Need A Professionally Written Article?

Your time is valuable. Leave the writing to the Word Innovations team. Indeed, we’re confident that you’ll be impressed with the quality of the content.

In addition, a professional writer will take care of keyword analysis, formatting, and checking for grammar and spelling. This means that your content will be perfectly polished when you use our Articles on Demand service.


Due to overwhelming demand, we sold out of all content in just a few weeks. We are re-evaluating our content delivery to make it easier for you to purchase online from Word Innovations. In addition, we are developing a LOT of new content for you.

While we are working to resolve this demand for fresh content, please contact us for your writing needs. We are glad to help you out until then!