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Professional Content Writing

Whether you need web content that entertains and educates or a marketing brochure with a professional voice, I can help you!

I have written brochures, press releases, social media posts, announcements, blogs, ad copy, guest posts, author biographies, and more.

We also offer an "Articles on Demand" service, which allows you to choose well-written articles, pay, and download them. You then customize the article with internal links and graphics of your choosing.

As a professional writer with over 20 years of writing and copywriting experience, I can deliver you content that will send the right message to your readers and clients.

Sharp Editing

Count on me for sharp editing of the content you've already written!

I check for grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. I select more actionable verbs and phrases to elevate the call to action.

If you're sending me online content, I will check your title and keywords using an SEO tool. This will ensure that we are using the words that people search for online and yield optimal results.

In addition, I can assist you with setting up blog posts with formatting that makes content easier for readers to read (especially on mobile devices!) and Google-friendly. 

Articles on Demand

Digital Marketers: 

Are you tired of hiring freelancers only to have them miss the deadline? Or they submit a poorly written guest post? Do they go MIA and you never receive the completed article?

Please consider using Articles on Demand by Word Innovations. 

We write unique copy and allow only one customer to download per article. We perform keyword research prior to writing and format each article in the Google-friendly format:

  • Title
  • H1
  • H2

You purchase and download the article, add your own graphics, external links, backlinks, and author bio and post it. 

Instant gratification blog posts. You're welcome!


At Word Innovations, we pride ourselves on delivering quality results to our clients.

We know how to write for today’s online environment. In fact, our writing process begins before we even put words to paper.

Our first step: information collection. It's important we know your target audience, the media you’ll be using to deliver your message, and the writing style you prefer (either formal or informal).

With this vital information, we perform a thorough keyword search based on your desired topics, shaping keywords and phrases that will rank high in the search engines. Then, using a tool that checks the title for both SEO-friendly copy and the ability of the words to compel a reader to “click” on your content, we craft a title for your content.

Once these important steps are completed, we start researching and drafting your document. We use online tools to check for both spelling and grammatical errors. We give the piece a final edit to ensure that you receive letter-perfect content that will engage and educate your readers.

We’d love to have you give our writing service a try. We are confident that you’ll be impressed with the quality of our work.

We at Word Innovations strive to deliver “words that sing, phrases that zing.”


Next Steps...

We'd love the opportunity to help you with your next project! Our content will ensure that you project the right image for your company!