7 Actionable Health Tips for Solopreneurs

We’re straying away from our customary writing hints today to share seven actionable health tips for all of you solopreneurs.

As a solopreneur, you carry a lot of responsibility. You are solely responsible for wearing every hat in your business. No matter how small or large a business you operate, that can feel like a heavy load to carry! This pressure can cause solopreneurs to develop some unhealthy habits.

Try making some small changes that can add up to an improvement in your health. Feel well, and combat those poor health choices, by following these seven solopreneur health tips

Solopreneurs and Wellness

Solopreneurs are notorious for being dedicated overachievers. Because of this, we put work and career on a pedestal. Sometimes, this comes with a high price tag. We sacrifice our health in the pursuit of growing our businesses.

These are real health concerns—both physical and mental. The stress we put on our minds, bodies, and even personal relationships can cause illness.

Remember that you are your company. Just as you rely on your business for your income, your business relies on you to keep it running every day. Don’t you owe it to yourself to make your health a daily priority?

Solopreneur Health Tips

1-Get Off Your Butt

Take an exercise break periodically–walk, stretch, or even do some quick squats.

As a freelance writer, I work alone. Some days, time passes, and before I know it, I’ve been sitting in one place for hours. I’m sure you can relate! Even if your work is more active, you have times when you sit for long periods generating billing, creating social media content, and emailing customers.

Make sure to take breaks about once an hour to stand up, stretch, or even take a short walk. I find that after I take a break to walk my dog, I return to my computer re-energized and ready to tackle the next task.

Have a fitness tracker app or watch? Set it to alert you when you’ve remained sedentary for too long!

Moving around will help to stay fit and help ward off unwanted pounds that can creep up on you. Plus, a brisk walk literally gets your blood flowing, so you can think more clearly and creatively.

2-Have A Tall Drink of Water

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Keeping replenished with water increases your mental acuity.

You might feel compelled to reach for a cup of coffee or energy drink to give you energy. While caffeinated beverages can give you a short-term burst of fuel, the effect is not long-lasting. Nor are these healthy options!

While a cup of coffee is ok once in a while, there’s a better alternative out there for you. Water.

Bottled or from the tap, water is essential to maintaining good health. I’m sure you’ve heard that the human body is comprised mainly of water.

Water is essential to maintaining every organ, muscles, and joint in your body. Therefore, sip away at that water throughout the day to stay healthy.

3-A Squeeze of Lemon, Please!

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Lemon water doses you with Vitamin C–and tastes fantastic, too!

While you’re enjoying that tall drink of water, squeeze a little twist of fresh lemon into the glass. As a solopreneur, you have no sick days. If you don’t work, you probably don’t earn money. Decrease your likelihood of developing common illnesses, like a cold.

The benefits of drinking lemon water are well-documented. But, there’s the bottom line. Lemons are jam-packed with Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant that helps to boost your immune system to fight off illnesses. Besides, it fights free-radicals that you are exposed to daily which can help decrease the odds of certain types of cancer.

If you don’t like the tartness of lemons, try infusing your water with other citrus fruits such as limes or oranges to get those same benefits.


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Meditation helps you shift your focus back to the positive.

When the stress of being a solopreneur gets to you, break away for a short meditation session. Meditation decreases stress and shifts your energy back to a positive place. When you’re in that positive mindset, you’re able to remain productive.

Meditation can be positive visualization exercises or practicing mindfulness. Whatever method you choose, just do it! You will feel refreshed, relaxed, and ready to finish tackling your day with reduced stress.

5-Set Boundaries Between Work and Home

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Make family time a priority by enforcing healthy boundaries between work and family.

Solopreneurs often leave their home office at the end of the day unable to shake off work. Because we don’t have that “commute time” to listen to music or call a friend to chat on the commute home, we shift from work to home with the simple click of a computer shutting down.

This lack of a buffer of time to change hats from work to home can cause us to continue to think about work long after we’ve knocked off for the day. This lack causes mental stress that’s difficult to overcome. Besides, it sets us up for unhappy spouses, children who feel left out, and other personal stress to form.

Set up a routine for when you “leave work.” Whether it’s taking a bubble bath or a bicycle ride, do something to train your brain that it’s time to shift into your personal life. Carve out that time to keep your personal relationships healthy to help you manage stress.

6-Get Some Sleep!

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Sleep recharges your mind and spirit.

Sleepless nights are an unfortunate negative health factor for many solopreneurs. Worries over our business finances, workload, and deadlines can cause sleepless nights.

Sleep is essential to your body. Think of sleep as recovery time for your body. While you are sleeping, your brain sends signals to all your nerve receptors so that they can recover and repair. The result can be feelings of being sluggish, confused, and anxious.

Set a scheduled bedtime every night and condition yourself to adhere to the plan! Cut out distractions like your email and cell phone. Free your mind of those worries and treat yourself to 6 to 8 hours of rest so you will continue to perform at peak condition.

7-Keep Healthy Snacks on Hand

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Keep fruits and vegetables washed and ready to snack on during the day.

As a solopreneur, you might find it convenient to grab sugary or salty carb-laden snacks and pop them in my mouth while you work.  I did the same thing, and I packed on over 30 pounds which took a lot of work to lose again eventually.

In addition to weight control, your body needs proper nutrition to keep well and to keep those dreaded extra pounds at bay! Those unhealthy treats will not achieve your nutritional goals.

Instead of those convenience treats, I now prepare my own pre-packed healthy snacks to keep in the fridge. I purchase fresh fruits or veggies, wash/slice/dice them when I get home from the grocery store and store them it zipper-top bags until I’m ready for a snack.

Not only do I look better back in my old favorite jeans, I feel way better and know that I’m nourishing my body with essential vitamins and minerals to help keep me feeling my best.

The Takeaway

You’ve worked hard to succeed in your business. As a solopreneur, you are the lifeblood of that very business. You deserve to treat yourself to the gift of good health. For if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of business.

So, what do you have to lose? Try out these seven solopreneur health tips. These small but healthy changes will undoubtedly benefit you. In fact, I’m confident that you’ll see an improvement in how you feel both physically and mentally in a short time.

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