Why Should I Use A Professional Content Writer?

You may be considering hiring a content writer but asking yourself the following question: “Why do I need a professional writer for my online and print content?” You have a staff and they speak English. They should be able to slap together some content for you, right?

The true answer is yes. Of course. Your staff can string together a few paragraphs and, hopefully, remember to spell-check it. On the other hand, your marketing pieces and online content are often the only chance you get to make a first impression on a prospective client.

How often have you looked at a brochure and found a spelling error or typo? Or visited a website with poorly written phrases that were clearly written using a language translation app? I bet you have! I have, too! It drives me crazy.

Poorly written websites, online posts, and marketing materials are obvious to the reader. They send a message of unprofessionalism that leaves a poor first impression of your service or business.

content writer
A content writer will convey your message clearly while you run your business.

What will a professional content writer do?

Professional writers have tricks up our sleeves that many of our clients aren’t aware of. Here are a few things that a pro content writer will do for you:

  • thorough grammar check
  • spell-check
  • improve sentence structure
  • make content flow naturally
  • organize content into small “bites” for the reader
  • ask you questions about the tone and image you’d like to project
  • thoroughly research the topic
  • guide you on the correct length of the content
  • research keywords to make your content relevant
  • write a title that entices readers
  • deliver the work on-time and without excuses

Your image

While your employees can write for you, they really don’t want to accept the task. In fact, they will likely look at it as an interruption of their day. A professional writer tackles every project with an approach that’s methodical in the research and creative and persuasive in the delivery.

Your marketing media projects an image of your service. In this day and time, your digital media is often the ONLY chance you get to make an impression on a prospective customer! You need to send them the message that you are professional and the best company for the job. This assures the prospective customer and makes them feel confident that they can invest in your services.


You can’t risk a poorly-written marketing piece in today’s competitive marketplace. Your company has earned the right to shout a well-crafted message out to the world. Invest in Articles on Demand, professionally-written content that ensures you convey a powerful message.

Our writer: Deborah is the founder of Word Innovations and a full-time content writer and blogger. She’s an avid gardener who relaxes after work by digging around in the dirt.

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