Blog Post vs Guest Post…What’s the difference?

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Both blog entries and guest posts can introduce your website to new users. Learn how.

You may hear well-intentioned friends and business associates advising you that you need to write blog posts and guest posts They’re right! Both are great ways to reach new customers and assist in improving your SEO. But you may be embarrassed to ask the difference between a blog post vs guest post.

Today, we will look at a blog post and guest post and you’ll learn the difference between them.

Blog Post:

A blog post is a post that you create (or have created). It “lives” on your own blog or website. It is your content. This is a chance for you to display some industry knowledge, establish yourself as an authority, and toot your own horn! Your goal is to educate buyers and soft-sell yourself so that your customers are confident in hiring you for the job.

Because it’s your own, you have the ultimate editorial privileges. You can place links to outside sites, internal links to other content of your own; links to products you promote; and write in any language you like.  You also determine the length, the photographs, infographics, and when it gets published.

Your blog resides in the kingdom of which you are the king or queen and you may do as you wish.

Guest Post:

A guest post is a post that you write (or have written by a pro). However, it “lives” on a website of a blogger or business owner in your industry. Like the blog post, you can share your great depth of knowledge and let people see that you are an industry leader. You normally can’t self-promote or “sell” on a guest post. Your goal is to get backlinks to your own site to improve your SEO.

A guest post falls under the authority of the “host”. You are the “guest.” Use manners. When you’re at a party, I hope you don’t crash the wine cellar, get tore up, and hog all the attention. Ditto for “guest posting.” The blog owner will set the tone for the party and you behave accordingly.

You will normally have an agreed-upon word count, a limited number of backlinks to your site, and most often must be written in English.

Remember, you are not the “ruler” of the guest post world. The host is the one calling the shots!

Why Would You Want To Guest Post?

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With all the above said, blogging sounds like the best bet to you. But not so fast! Guest posting works wonders for your SEO. Here are a few benefits of guest posts:

  • Puts your name out to a wider audience
  • Collaborating with other industry experts can lead to other collaboration
  • Gets and give “link juice” to improve SEO
  • Establishes your branding
  • More quality backlinks to your own blog or website = more Domain Authority (DA)

Put Word Innovations to Work for You:

I have written hundreds (if not thousands) of blog posts and guest posts for myself and my clients. I’m a writer, not an SEO authority. But one thing my clients (many of whom are SEO agencies) repeatedly tell me is that there needs to be a balance. Write some high-quality blog posts for yourself and some high-quality guest posts to share. As a result of quality content, improving your search engine rankings is inevitable.

Get started today

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Additionally, we enjoy trusted author status on several high DA websites and can publish your own content or the Articles on Demand piece you’ve chosen. Contact us for details.

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