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Write Attention Grabbing Headlines Immediately With These 5 Tips


Headlines are the most important part of any article or post. It’s what prompts your readers to click and continue reading to the end. Studies have shown that only a few people proceed to read the entire article as opposed to the many who’ll simply end at the headline–which is absolutely true considering the ever-reducing human concentration span.

Therefore, writing headlines that grab a reader’s attention becomes crucial for any blogger or writer considering the great role they play when it comes to selling your content. Catchy and interactive headlines or titles not only convince your readers to click your content but also respond to it.

Here are some tips to help you craft irresistible blog headlines and titles that will grab new readers:


1. Make it Short and Simple

Headlines basically summarize your article. Being precise while writing headlines is one sure way of garnering numerous clicks. Simplicity ensures that it will be easy for the reader to understand what it is that you’re talking about–which is achievable through the use of commonly used phrases and words.

When you use uncommon words and phrases, you lose your readers. Why? No reader would want to spend time trying to research further about your headline, instead, they’ll opt for alternative resources.

As you can see, the take away here is ”use simple words” that your readers can easily relate to.

2. Be Ultra-specific

It’s obvious that your readers have questions that they desperately need answers for, and ultra-specific headlines will definitely give them a sense of what to expect once they decide to make a click.

Vague titles are a sign that you don’t really understand what you’re talking about–which is one of the reasons why you should consider having a specific niche, and also strive to know your audience. That way you’ll be able to craft specific and catchy headlines that meet their needs hence making you the best in your industry.

A good example is a title like 5 Simple Steps to Create a Blog from Scratch

If you noticed, the above headline is ultra-specific; hence, it offers an effective solution to readers looking for ways to create a blog–and not just creating but creating it from scratch.

3. Make it Urgent

When you create a content, you do it with the intention of having your readers utilize it right away and not any other time. But how do you ensure that they do exactly that? It’s simple. Simply incorporate a sense of urgency in your headline–which makes your readers anticipate what follows next.

For instance, if it’s a product (of course with irresistible benefits), then making it appear scarce will prompt most people to make instant decisions which essentially start by clicking the headline.

Some of the commonly used “urgency” words include today, offer expires, only, deadline, and many others.

 4. Use Benefit-rich Headlines

Before publishing your content, ask yourself–how is this going to benefit my readers? This means that your content should be useful, which means practical, helpful, and informative. Remember, it all starts with writing headlines that are valuable. No matter how specific and unique your headline may be, if it isn’t useful, then no reader is going to click.

It’s also important to note that creating a false impression with benefit-rich headlines that don’t match your content will certainly hurt your overall marketing since readers will feel betrayed. What then? Deliver what you promise in your headline.

Consider making your headline even more attractive by using interesting adjectives like effortless, essential, fun, incredible, and many others.

5. Play the Numbers Game

Writing headlines (catchy ones!) also calls for the incorporation of specific numbers (odd numbers work best) onto your headline as it’s one of the most effective ways to ensure your readers stay hooked to your content. Smaller numbers perform better than large ones since they’re easily digestible.

For instance, if you decide to do a step-by-step guide, then a number like 9 will be sufficient. You should only exceed this number when writing an in-depth article on how to do something, a long-format post, or when it’s instructional in nature.


The purpose of every headline is to draw the reader’s attention, make them read the entire article, and then act in the end. It basically entails playing around with your readers’ emotions because most human decisions are emotion-based. Some of the commonly used emotional power words include stunning, sensational, conquer, surprising, courage, and many others.


About the Author: Maureen Abuor is a full-time freelance writer who works frequently with Word Innovations. Maureen loves the writing lifestyle as it allows her to work full-time while raising two young children.



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