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Meet Our Team

Deborah T content writer and editor
Deborah T.
Founder, Editor, Problem Solver

Deborah is a full-time freelance content writer and the founder of Word Innovations

Deborah considers herself a writing nerd. She started creating pieces in high school to entertain herself and hasn’t stopped writing since. Even though she veered off into a successful sales career for many years, she never lost her touch. 

The lure of writing called her back several years ago. She bootstrapped her freelance business on a part-time basis for over 10 years but switched to full-time writing in 2018. She’s glad of the transition and wishes she had done it years ago.

When Deborah’s not working on her many freelance projects, she publishes several blogs in the DIY and real estate realms.

Maureen A. content manager and writer
Maureen A.
Content Manager

Maureen joined Deborah around June of 2018 to help her unload an enormous pile of backlogged projects on time. Maureen’s writing style combines flawless business English with a warm, friendly, and common-sense style. She provided such amazing content on that first project that she’s stuck around Word Innovations ever since.

Maureen is a mom of two who loves the flexibility of balancing work and home. Even with two babies who enjoy pouring juice boxes down her laptop, she never misses a deadline!

Word Innovations Core Values

We empower our team to lead a life that balances out work and family in a seamless manner. Telecommuting? Yep, we agree that it’s a wonderful thing!

Our team loves our jobs. We can’t imagine doing anything else.

We reduce our carbon footprint by working from home, going paperless, and drinking from our own coffee mugs instead of paper cups.

Word Innovations is a debt-free company. We bootstrapped our business and pay as we go! 

Our service is not strictly about the money. It’s about our clients. We strive to deliver content that delights our customers every time.

While we might be a very small company, we do travel the extra mile to earn your business.

Word Innovations calls North Carolina home, but out remote team checks in from around the world. 

We pride ourselves on honoring commitments, keeping our deadlines, and staying in touch with clients throughout every project.