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A Beginner’s Guide to Grammarly Free Version (game changing tips!)

Grammarly Free Version is a valuable tool for all your content writing needs. Whether you are writing a blog entry, a guest post, or an email, you always want to put your best foot forward when you’re representing your brand. Grammarly is the best tool for the job.

English is a difficult language. We have rules. Then again, we have exceptions to almost every rule. The most famous example of this is “I before E except after C.” It can be confusing and certainly hard to remember all these rules.

Here are some tricks to using the Grammarly Free Version so your writing is always on point.

4 Smart Grammarly Free Version Tips


Change Language Preferences

Grammarly Free VersionDid you know that you can change your language preferences based on which dialect of English in which you are writing?

When you are opening a new Grammarly session, there is a little drop-down menu that users often overlook. There, you can choose from:


  • American English
  • British English
  • Canadian English
  • Australian English

While all of these are the same English language, there are spelling and dialect differences that native speakers will quickly pick up on. For example, Canadians and Brits spell out the word “colour” while less formal Americans spell out the word “color.” In addition, there are subtle differences in punctuation that Grammarly will highlight. One of these is the British or Australian omission of a period after a title. For example, British/Aussie use of the name Dr Jones vs. the American/Canadian title Dr. Jones.

If you are writing for a company based in a country that’s not your own, pay attention to this so that you can deliver the cleanest copy to your client.

Use the Chrome Extension Tool

Grammarly Free VersionIf you are a user of Google Chrome, you can add the Grammarly Chrome Extension to your desktop. This is an important feature for two reasons.

First, it helps you quickly click and upload documents written in Word or other “offline” software. This helps you stay productive and eliminates the need to open up Grammarly then upload.

Second, and more importantly, it stays in the background and checks your grammar in virtually all your web-based writing. So, whether you are writing an email, WordPress document, or a social media post, it will helpfully call your attention to errors in real time as you are writing.

You Can Expand Your Personal Dictionary

Grammarly is configured with common terminology. However, as the English language evolves, new terms are regularly coined. Sometimes it takes a little while for Grammarly to catch up with these new terms.

If you find that Grammarly is frequently flagging your usage of new words, you can expand your dictionary to include those words.

I am using an example of a word that I’ve recently had flagged repeatedly. Mompreneur. Here are the steps you can follow to add this word.

  1. Go to Grammarly (I used the Google Chrome Extension)
  2. Open your profile.
  3. Key in the new word (double-check your spelling!) and click “Add.”

Your new term is now in your personal dictionary and no further flagging will interrupt you.

Add Grammarly to Microsoft Office

Some writers prefer to create an Office document to work in and save as documentation before they submit their work to a blog. This is a wonderful idea, especially when you are submitting guest posts. This allows you to re-submit the work to a different blog if the first one rejects your content for some reason.

If you need or prefer to write in Microsoft Word, you can also add Grammarly to Microsoft Office. While Word does have a spelling/grammar checker, I find that Grammarly picks up many errors that Office misses.

Simply go to “My Grammarly”, choose apps, and click “Install” next to the Microsoft Office logo. It takes only a few seconds.

Final Thoughts

If you are writing without taking advantage of the free tools on Grammarly Free Version, you are likely making errors that are causing your writing to look unpolished or even unprofessional. Even as a person who holds a degree in English and a frequently published content writer, Grammarly constantly flags typos and other errors that would otherwise be overlooked.  It can be a real game-changer for your writing.


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