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Digital Marketing: Win over influencers with your outreach email

win over influencers

Influencer marketing can be a hard nut to crack, especially if you’re competing with the already established big fishes out there in the lake. However, you can always ride on their backs to get there—and this is by pitching them to ask them to work with your brand.

But as you’ll notice later on in this post, most influencers prefer a symbiotic relationship. This means that you will not win over influencers unless you build a strong connection with them.

Also, know that these bloggers are people who are pitched every day. In fact, some receive up to 15-20 pitches a day. Convincing them to say yes to your outreach emails can be a really daunting task.

Already have some influencers in mind to work with? Well, if no, then here is a quick recap of how to establish the right influencer for your brand.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right Influencer for Your Brand

  1. Relevance to Your Brand—Only settle for influencers who deal with topics related to your brand. Ask yourself if the influencer is really an expert in your industry, and whether he/she matches your demographics.
  2. Engagement of the Audience—In as much as the influencer’s audience size may matter, the engagement rate outweighs every other aspect. It’s better to work with an influencer with a smaller audience size but with a higher engagement rate than the vice versa. After all, a large number of followers who don’t engage are pointless.
  3. Cost Factor—It’s obvious that you must select an influencer marketing plan that works with your marketing budget. Therefore, you would be wise to only attempt to win over influencers if you can comfortably pay for their efforts in marketing your brand. This will save you time and embarrassment in the long run.
  4. Goal Realization—Of course, the last thing you want to ask yourself is whether the influencer will help you realize your ultimate goal of driving sales.

Win Over Influencers with Your Email Pitch

Now that you already know what to look out for in an influencer, here are a few tips to help you craft effective outreach emails that will get them to say yes to your pitch.

Craft a “give” pitch

Since influencers often wear a lot of hats, let your pitch speak more help to them. In any case, it should be a give and take relationship. You can even talk about their current areas of interest or products that they’re striving to establish.

In short, let your pitch be of benefit to them.

Be Short and Precise

As mentioned earlier, influencers get several pitches a day. This means that most of them end up in the trash. Don’t let yours get trashed, too!

Therefore, make your pitch as short as possible and straight to the point. Specify what benefits they should expect and, of course, what you intend to achieve in this relationship.

Specify Your Deadline in the Pitch

Don’t keep yourself waiting for a response that may not be forthcoming. Politely suggest a date by which you expect an answer if they are interested.

One thing for sure is that social influencers always have an answer ready once they’re done reading the pitches. So, why wait for long?

Self-Edit before Sending

Just like any other writing, ensure you proofread and edit your outreach emails before sending them out.

If possible, read them out loud to catch any awkwardly constructed phrases that may end up killing the message of your pitch.

The Takeaway

Winning at influencer marketing isn’t as complex a task as most new digital marketers may think. All you need is the right strategy when it comes to crafting your pitches. Once you have that, you’ll hold the secret of how to win over influencers.

Follow the above simple steps and see how it goes with your next influencer outreach emails.

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Author Bio: Maureen Abuor is a full-time freelance writer on the Word Innovations team. She is a multi-tasking work from home mum, juggling her laptop and two toddlers.


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