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How to Craft A Headline That Grabs Reader Attention

How to craft a headline that grabs reader attention is a skill that writers understand well. And I intentionally chose the word craft in this post title. Indeed, writing is a craft. Professional writers put time and thought into word selection. This is because we understand how important it is to immediately grab a reader’s attention.

In fact, if your headline doesn’t grab attention, readers will not engage with your post.  So we choose language with reader engagement in mind!

There’s a lot of “noise” on the internet, so this is particularly true when introducing online content. Readers have become accustomed to poorly written article, sub-par content, and spammy links. You have quality content to introduce. Your title is that one chance to shine above all the garbage content out there.

Want to write your own posts? Here are some tips to help you get readers to read the information that you have to share with them.

How To Craft A Headline

Ensure the Topic is Relevant

Before you write, think carefully about your topic. Is it a hot topic now? Is the information useful? If you’re writing a post about an irrelevant topic, your post title will be irrelevant. Add value to your website, not just filler. Then, you can start writing your headline.

Research the Keywords

You must include your keywords in your headline. That said, do a keyword search. If the keyword you popped into the search bar comes up with a low response but you know the topic is hot, change up the wording and try again. This ensures that you’re using keywords that users are actually looking up online. Thus, it increases the chance that someone will read your post.

Keep It Short

Long titles bore readers. They want to scan through and find information quickly. Therefore, try to stick with titles 6 to 10 words long. Any more than that is too much!

Use Powerful Language

Use powerful language that readers will understand. Words that invoke thoughts of power and money intrigue readers.

Here’s an example:

Title 1 – Your Website Can Earn Better Revenue By Making These Easy Adjustments

Title 2 – 5 Easy Ways to Turn Your Website Into a Money Machine

Do you see the difference? Each title introduces the same content. But my experience tells me that users will pass on Title 1 and click on Title 2. Who doesn’t want a money machine?

Choose Actionable Verbs

When you’re creating a title, you have such a short time to entice the reader. In general writing, verbs make it or break it. Use words that have energy and action. This is even more important in writing a title.

An example follows:

Sentence 1 – John is talented and consistently good on the soccer field.

Sentence 2 – John crushes it every time he steps on the soccer field.

Do you see the difference? I changed the weak verb “is” to “crushes” and amped up the other words to create action.

Call me a word nerd, it’s okay. But I really find these things exciting!


I’ll wrap this post up with a final comment. Web content writing tends to be less formal than printed content. Using these tips will especially help you online, where the competition is fierce!

Should you like to hire Word Innovations to assist you with writing projects, we are available! We’d love to hear about your project.


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