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Blogging for Search Engines? Why it’s Urgent You Stop Right Now

blogging for search engines

Blogging is indeed one of the most effective marketing strategies. You can use it to quickly increase traffic to your site and ensure a loyal audience following. In turn, it can positively impact your sales conversion rate. But if you are blogging for search engines, it’s urgent you stop. Right now.

Because, here’s the thing. You must work extra hard to ensure constant audience engagement once you roll out your site.

How do you amplify reader engagement?

You might be wondering how, exactly, you will amplify that engagement. Website users today are savvy creatures. They are looking for a few key things.

  • Quality content, which of course, you should create on a regular basis. The more frequently you post, the more likely those readers will remain engaged.
  • Good audience targeting. You should have a target audience in mind before you begin your content creation. You can’t win every reader, every time. However, you should strive to delight your regular subscribers…who are your target audience.
  • Readiness to engage in discussions with your audience through the comments section. This means that your posts should be very informative and interactive. End by posing a question to your audience and encourage them to give their views.

However, with the scramble for the search engine rankings, some new bloggers have chosen to overlook such crucial aspects. Instead, many have mistakenly begun turning their focus on blogging for search engines rather than their live human audience. This is often off-putting to readers with the heavy use of keywords.

Why that Isn’t Good for You

Of course, crafting SEO posts is one of the most effective tactics to boost your searchability on the search engines while you also drastically increase your traffic. Most people bank on SEO for better ranking—which is good.

But what is your goal beyond good ranking?

Remember, most users will visit your site expecting valuable information to help solve their problems, and when they don’t find it (and instead they meet the army of keywords), they leave and never come back. By this, you already begin to kill your traffic considering that even the number of clicks and how long users remain on your website also matter when it comes to securing your position up there.

Talking of killing your traffic, it’s bound to die even faster with no links. Links significantly affect your search engine ranking as well—which is the reason why you need to work hard and get some links to your site.

But who is going to link to your site if there is nothing to benefit from its content? Precisely, Nobody. Stuffing your posts with keywords rather than valuable information will only kill your career as a blogger.

Yes, keywords matter, but put your focus on your readers by making sure that the content is readable and informative. If it isn’t of value, then don’t write it at all.

Commit to No Longer Blogging for Search Engines!

There’s no question. A high ranking on the search engines helps to drive traffic to one’s site. But ask yourself—will the users get the answers to their questions? Not if you’re blogging for the search engines.

Because there is no point of visitors coming to your site and just staying there for seconds. There should be something valuable to make them stay longer and even want to come back over and over again.

It’s true that some choose to blog just for fun. But, if your goal is to earn a living through blogging, then you may need to embrace some useful but straightforward tips to help you achieve both profits and traffic.

These include:

  • Consistent creation of unique and informative content—you may want to consider the “how to” posts as they’re evergreen; people will always try to look for ways to get things done.
  • Ensure you do great posts on trending issues.
  • Use catchy headlines and then deliver as per your promise.
  • Optimize your posts for the reader.
  • Keywords are wonderful but don’t overuse them. Instead, research the most popular long-tail keywords and phrases.

The Bottom Line

Blogging for search engines is the surest way to kill your career as a blogger. Start blogging for your human audience. It doesn’t happen overnight. In time, you will begin to see positive results.


Author Bio; Maureen Abuor is a freelance writer and Word Innovations team member. When she’s not writing, she’s a busy mother to two.

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