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Blog Writing 101: Make your blog post matter

Blog writing 101 class is now in session! Make your blog post matter when you follow these easy hints.

Blog writers have crowded the internet with poorly-written articles. In fact, you’re probably writing about a topic that’s already been done! You must convince jaded readers to click over and read your article. Furthermore, you want them to like your post enough to subscribe to your blog and read every post!

Find a way to present an old topic in a new light. Perhaps you have first-hand experience, a varying opinion, or new information on that topic. Shout it to the world in your blog post! Users will share this kind of content…and keep coming back for more!

Blog Writing 101 Tips

First off, I’m sharing an infographic because most people love visuals! I will delve into each of these do’s and don’ts a little more in depth, but this makes a handy quick reference tool.

blog post
Blog Writing 101. Make Your Blog Post Matter


Keyword Research: I know, I’ve said it in prior posts. The most important thing you can do to ensure a relevant blog post is keyword research! Because you want people to read, you must deliver content that they want to read. Rely on keyword trends as your indicator and use those words in the title.

Casual Language: Write blog posts in casual language and with a friendly tone of voice. You will give your content an “easier” feeling that doesn’t overwhelm readers.

Check Your Grammar: Because Google and other search engines typically only recognize correct spellings, your post will rank higher if you have words spelled correctly. In addition, users will most likely spell correctly when they perform a Google search. Readers deserve correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling along with that fresh content!

Invite Engagement: You want readers to come back, right? Ask them! Invite them to subscribe to your feed, opt-in to your email marketing, or purchase your product. If you don’t tell the readers that you’d like them to take action, they assume you don’t care if they do.


Plagiarize Content: Please just don’t. You can be penalized by Google and could be facing copyright infringement on top of it all!

Regurgitate Information: You don’t add value when you re-write another blogger’s thoughts and words. All you are doing is adding more junk to the internet and frustrating readers. Nothing will make people opt back out quicker than old, boring content!

Use Filler Language: Google wants you to have a 500-word blog post. Remember, though, the people who you’re “selling” your blog to are real people, not bots. If you can make a post, about blog writing 101 for example, in less than 488 words…do it! Don’t try to fill it in with meaningless drivel. Make it count!


Please feel free to use my Blog Writing 101 infographic. Learn it; live by it; share it. End the pollution of cyberspace by adding high-quality and user-friendly posts!


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